Monday, January 21, 2013

Regarding the neglect of this blog...

I am finding it really hard to get this blog to look the way I want it to in regards to the layout, pictures, etc... With that in mind, I find that I just don't post like I want to.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to change and post things on here easier, I would be so GRATEFUL for the advice/help/suggestions.  THANK YOU :)


  1. I'd be happy to help, have a look around and see
    if there are any blogs you like the look of and I'll try emulate the feel of them.

    Do you like lots of links? Do you like the minimalist look? Do you use labels so you can find things easily? Do you look back at old entries to remind yourself of last year? Does the current design reflect your stitching style? To me it says Modern, plain, Cross Stitcher magazine patterns, is this you?

    Hope that helps!!

    1. Oh thank you Jo!! I do all those things- and now I'm sort of obsessed with crochet too. I can't seem to get my pictures to show the way I want them to, they used to be sort of randomly placed, not all symetrical like now. Now I find my page pretty boring. I like easy links and I want it easy easy :) I will look around too. THANK YOU so much!