Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 4
Mothers Heart
Shepherd's Bush

This is my first exposure to linen. It really has a different feel. I found myself being so careful with it while working on it. Strange. It is very thin, is all linen thin? Anyway, it doesn't look like I made much progress, there is a lot of 2-3 stitches of a color and then change. I would love to keep going, but I am so very tired. We had lots and lots of wind and some snow today. It's a balmy 15 degrees outside now.......brrrrr. Hope all is well .... the new year is approaching!


  1. Persevere with linen it will be worth it. What count and type are you using?

  2. It came in the kit, it is 32 ct, Doesn't specify the type. I don't mind working with it, just find myself being so overly careful....I do like how it is so pretty and will make for a beautiful finish :)